How to Believe in God and Science – In Three Easy Steps

How to Believe in God and Science - In Three Easy Steps By Joe Provenzano

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There are many reasons to believe in God, but for some people there are also issues, or roadblocks, to having the belief. This book provides a newly developed process to develop a belief in God that is consistent with the findings of modern science and the other types of issues. If you have any issues blocking your belief in God, saddle up and take a ride with me.


About the Author:

Joseph P. Provenzano “Joe Pro” has worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for over thirty years, building computer models and simulations for the U. S. Army. Before that, he graduated with a Masters degree in physics with minors in philosophy and theology. He has previously written two books related to this topic: Conscious Energy and a second book, Logical Faith with theologian R.W. Kropf. Joe Pro is a straight shooter. Known as “Tex Fiddler” in the Single Action Shooting Society®, he’s a three-time Senior World Champion Cowboy Action Shooter. In this book he’s offering a simple 3-step process, with his opinions provided only as examples of the process. His years of thinking about the roadblocks to his faith in God can help you—if you are open-minded to some new ideas.


This book is about how I have reconciled my belief in God with the findings of modern science and other issues. I realize that many others have written books about this and I have looked at many of their approaches and solutions. Most of these books base their arguments on repackaged, old ideas. A few introduce new ideas based on concepts from modern physics, e.g., using wave function entanglement to explain the relationship between God and human beings, or the Uncertainty Principle to explain how free will works. The fact is that I have not found any of these books convincing.

I have also looked at the scientific, atheistic solutions, and I have not found any of them convincing either. What you will find in this book is very different from what you’ll find in any of these books.

The problem with all of these approaches is that both sides are trapped inside the Materialist vs. Spiritualist Box. They do not capture the essence of consciousness and they limit themselves to the currently known laws of physics. In this book, you will see some new ideas that are completely outside the box. This book is self-contained. You do not need to bring knowledge about philosophy, theology or science. All you need to understand everything in this book is a mind that is open to new ideas and a willingness to think through the issues.

I have written this book because I’m convinced that the simple, three-step process described in the following pages will be helpful to a number of logical, scientifically-minded folks who are seeking new ways to reconcile their belief in God with the findings of modern science and other issues.

However, this book is not for everybody. I need to be very clear about that. I believe there are as many approaches to believing in God as there are people. In this book I will be focusing on HOW I believe, not WHAT I believe.

But first, the WHAT: I was born and raised a Catholic, and remain an active Catholic to this day. I believe in the Judeo-Christian tradition as revealed in the Bible. I believe that God created the universe, that God gave us the Ten Commandments, that Christ was both human and divine and died for our sins, and that we can have everlasting life in heaven with God if we love God and our neighbor as described in the Bible. I have a Masters in physics and believe in evolution and the findings of modern science. However, I do not believe in the atheistic interpretations of evolution and modern science. These interpretations are actually philosophy—not science, but have too often been sold as if they were actual findings of modern science. I am fully aware of the many popular attempts to put belief in God together with evolution and modern science, but as I said before, I do not find any of them convincing.

Next, the HOW: That is what this book is about. We’ll cover the three-step process that I used to reconcile my belief in God with evolution, science and other issues. My particular solution is only an example of the process. You may not like my solution, but if you like the process, then you can use it to develop your own particular solution. You will find that this process is very different from the arguments you have seen elsewhere. Remember that HOW people establish their faith is only a vehicle to a goal. Being comfortable with your faith is the goal. Some believers may like to drive a car, others may like to fly, and I may choose to ride a horse through the mountains. The bottom line is that all believers need to arrive at a belief in God that they are comfortable with, regardless of how they get there.

Saddle up, and let me show you a new trail that I’ve found.